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Furutech CF35 Stereo 6.3mm-3.5mm Adapter

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Each- Non-plated α(Alpha) Pure copper Conductor or Rhodium-plated α(Alpha) Pure copper Conductor or 24k gold-plated α(Alpha) Pure copper Conductor or Silver Plated Copper α(Alpha) Conductor
– Earth (Ground) Jumper System
– Black nonmagnetic stainless cable damping clamp with stainless screws (M4 X 20mm L)
– Specified for cable diameters of 6.6mm to 16mm (With a longer screw up to 20mm)
– Wire accommodation: Max 5.5 Square mm 10AWG
– Dimensions: Body length 43.9mm x ø39mm x 76.8mm overall length
– Rating: 15A/125V 10A/250V
– Standards: E JET:15PJET086, USL /CNL Listed:04CA26110


CF35 High performance universal 6.3mm to 3.5mm headphone plug adapter

– The Furutech CF35 6.3mm Stereo to 3.5mm stereo Adapter
– Main conductors: RoHS Compliant Rhodium-plated α(Alpha) phosphor bronze and copper alloy
– Insulated: POM resin.
– Housing Material:Rhodium-plated α(Alpha) copper alloy and Carbon fiber finished
– Overall Size: ∅11.5mm X 61.0mm (L) approx.

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